It’s that time again for the almighty new years resolution and because a fitness resolution ranks so highly in our society, it’s only appropriate to discuss what it takes. Many of us have a goal in mind of where we would like to be as far as health and fitness is concerned. A few of us have a plan to achieve this goal, but many forego the necessary steps needed to be healthfully successful. Neglecting to set goals leads to monotony and stagnation. Few of us desire to exercise day in and day out only to look and feel the same. I realize you have heard this all before, but I cannot stress enough what experience has taught me about goal setting and fitness. The decision to exercise and eat well are great first steps and should be commended. The key words being “first steps.” A plan of attack, including large and small goals of how your desires shall be obtained is essential. It may be necessary to speak with a fitness expert to determine a clear path to follow. An experienced and educated trainer can map out this path, which will clearly define how and when to eat and exercise efficiently. Another important issue is actually following this clear path rather than just discussing it with others. Consistency is key! Decide where you are going, stick to it and attack it as if your life depended on it… because it does! Until next time, I wish everyone a positive and productive workout!

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