Importance of Strength and Sport Specific Training

Importance of Strength and Sport Specific Training

This seems like an old and tired subject, but I can’t stress enough the importance of strength training for the general public and sport performance training for the athlete. A well-conditioned body is better prepared to handle the physical and mental stresses that daily living and sports inflict. Rather than spend an eternity discussing the many benefits, following is a list of the most important and relevant points.

Strength and sport performance training will:
• Improve postural alignment
• Improve balance
• Decrease the rate of injury
• Improve reaction times
• Improve kinesthetic awareness (knowledge of location in space)
• Improve cardiovascular conditioning
• Increase metabolic rate
• Improve anaerobic and aerobic fuel systems
• Improve neural innervations of muscle
• Improve muscle to fat ratio
• Decrease risk of osteoporosis

The benefits are many, but the acquisition of theses benefits requires a key knowledge gathered via education and experience. This type of training is more than just squats and bench presses… it encompasses speed-training, plyometrics, proprioceptive training (balance), functional and sport specific training. What does this mean to you or your child? It will lead to a prolonged athletic career and a healthy, life-long endeavor. In other words, strength and sport performance training are very beneficial to all individuals and is often overlooked. Happy training!

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